Custom Quiet Book Sewing

Shop has been creating for 10 years  , A Quiet Book is a cloth book wth sewn together linen, musslin, and felt.  Its various pages promote fine motor skills, cognitive skills and pretend play.  A Quiet Book is a "PERFECT TOY" to entertain without the use of technology.  Keep it in your car to MD appointments, church services, siblings' extra-curricular activities, car rides or airplane trips.

Pages contain small parts so is not advisable for toddlers under age of 3 years of age.  Recommend supervision while playing with the book.

*Each book has 6 pages.  Cost is $48.00.  Additional pages will be  $5.00.  Allow 3 weeks for delivery.

Devotions through Play is a quiet book that serves as devotional tool for the Christain child.  This book keeps toddlers focused during sermons  as well allowing moms to enjoy her occasional Latte.    

Quiet Books can be cleansed with a spray carpet cleaner.  Pages are Scotch Guarded at purchase.  after cleansing may rescotch guard for effective cleansing.  

It is my hope that these books become a part of the toddler's libruary to be shared or passed to new sibblings.  The books are sturdy and act as an heirloom

Deut. 4:10-  "Gather me the people together and I will make them hear my words that they  learn to fear me all the days that they shall live upon the earth and that they may teach their children"

Devotions through Play Quiet Book

   *Devotions through Play cost is $52.00. There are 12 pages of devotions that include an activity

Car and Traffic page option