Consider a Quiet Book for baby shower baby gift.  Guaranteed it will be a hit!  They are also heirlooms and can be shared with new siblings and then carried by the grown child to their own children.  They are sturdy (pages made of muslin), bright, colorful, and large enough for little hands.  And made for  hands with dexterity and speech disabilities for the elderly as well.


This interactive book has 12 pages of learning through play by helping youngsters master basic coordination skills such as tying a bow, lacing, buttoning, zipping, and snapping.  As well as learning to differentiate between shapes, colors and numbers.


Entertain your favorite toddler with a fascinating Quiet Book of their own.  Toddlers are focused during Mom's time out sipping a Latte and is a great distraction while commuting because these cloth books are filled with interactive activities.  These books are custom made to your specificity; color, theme, or just what I have in stock. Cost per book is $62.00 Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

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